Smart solutions
for your architecture

Exceptional products and comprehensive services - that's what we stand for together with our partners. It is important to us to always think one step ahead.

This is how we offer you innovative, customized solutions in the fields of architecture, facade planning and interior design. We support you in selecting the right material for your product design. In this way you can combine functionality and the visual advantages of individual surfaces. Your wishes are always at the center of our attention.

In this video, you will find a short overview of the products of SEEN AG. Further information and detailed information about individual products can be found within the respective categories.


SEEN Elements

The combination of glass with other materials - this is what makes this area so special. The SEEN Elements are a self-developed product with single or double-sided metallic coated elements in various metals and colors. Functions such as energy input or bird protection are combined here with aesthetics.

Thin stone

Stones shining, lightweight or deformed - with thin stone, works of art from nature are made usable for the most different kinds of application. Whether in combination with glass or other carrier materials, each result is absolutely unique!

Acrylic glass

Acrylic glasses with extravagant inlays like metal flakes, feathers, fabrics or sequins are already an eye-catcher in themselves. In combination with the right light and skillfully set in the scene, these products create unique results without exception.

Colored laminated glass

Elegance and resistance - Colored laminated glass with its velvety silky surface is a popular cladding element in interior design. The non-transparent glass plays with light and reflects the surroundings diffusely in shape and color.

Metal Coatings

Refine your product: Whether plastic, slate, wood or glass, our metal coater adds gold (24K), aluminum or a desired color play to your material. The surface size is not important, because especially in 3D printing, individually produced smaller elements can be combined to create surfaces of any size.


Here you will find the complete selection of our projects.


Here you can find all articles from SEEN AG.

Bird protection on glas and windows

Highly effective bird protection with innovative SEEN Elements

Glass has been gaining importance as a building material in modern architecture for years. It is important to build transparent, light-filled and generous. For birds, these glass surfaces are often a deadly trap. NABU estimates that every year in Germany about 100 million birds are killed by collisions with panes of glass. This is because […]

SEEN AG at ZAK Festival

Zak World of Façades РVirtual Festival

Last year we already participated in the Zak World of Façades as exhibitors in Berlin, London and Stockholm. Due to the success of the event, we also planned to be present in various cities this year.



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