Metal Coatings

Metal coatings for a special design: Whether plastic, slate, wood or glass, our metal coater modifies your material with gold, aluminum or a desired color play. Thanks to additional 3D printing, larger objects can be divided into small elements and joined together.
The technology of SEEN AG enables you to modify your product with 24K gold in a unique way. The even and homogeneous coating ensures that the haptic of the material does not change.

3D Printing

Wherever lightweight construction is required, 3D printing from SEEN AG comes into play. We are happy to support you whenever the production is very cost-intensive due to small quantities or many different shapes made of solid metal. Our partner BASF Forward AM has developed the appropriate material for the application and provided the design.

Metal + Slate

The metamorphic rock, made of a fine-grained mass of clay and mud, will decorate your project in a natural style. A metal coating preserves the haptics, at the same time the surface is evenly refined.

Metal + Wood

Wood refined with aluminum or gold (24K): Despite the individual structure of the natural building material, we enable you to achieve an absolutely homogeneous, even coating and coating thickness with the selected metal.

Metall + Glass

Decorate the glass elements of your project with a durable metallic coating. The coating process of SEEN AG is the only one that allows the use of 24K gold.