Thin stone in free form

Stone, flexible like paper - and the variety of shapes is almost unlimited. Even hard stone can be bent up to a thickness of 1.0 mm. The successful realization of such projects requires a special degree of cooperation and exchange. The many years of experience of our partners in the automotive industry guarantee a perfect realization. In the end, every piece produced is unique.

Free forms I

Thin stones in combination with a fine metal plate - the pictures give a first impression what can be possible.

Free forms II

A motorcycle helmet or elements from the automobile industry covered with a stone veneer. One of the most difficult things we have done so far.

Free forms III

A handrail or part of a window frame covered with stone? Everything already successfully implemented!

Free forms IX

Thin stones in combination with a fine metal panel - more pictures showing the possibilities.

Please feel free to contact us so that we can also realize your individual request!