Acrylic glass and exclusive fabrics

In combination with the unique production possibilities, stunningly beautiful three-dimensional effects are created in combination with the metallic reflection of the light.
The fabrics presented here come from a collection of a French designer. They are mainly used for the furnishing of Haute Couture houses.

LUGO Copper

Elegance in detail: the weave of copper and brass mesh gives the acrylic glass a special touch. The play with the incidence of light and angle of view brings it to life.


The stainless steel mesh is unique due to its depth effect and metallic reflection within the acrylic glass. The acrylic glass sheets have thicknesses from 15 to 25 mm.


Acrylic glass sheets with thicknesses from 15 to 25 mm and the three-dimensionally inlaid Sora Gold fabric. A subtle color tone in which three-dimensionality and metallic effects are particularly effective in combination with light.

SORA Tweed

Shimmeringly beautiful: The high-quality Jacquard-Copper-Yarns interwoven with synthetic, dyed horse hair give the acrylic glass a special shine with different color depths.

SORA Formia

For more color play: SORA Formia lets the synthetic horse hair woven with Jacquard-Copper-Yarn shimmer in different colors. The incidence of light gives the acrylic glass a special design.


Although the copper yarns for SORA NattƩ are always woven in a similar way to synthetic horsehair, each design is unique. The differentiated inlay in the acrylic glass creates a unique depth effect for each unique piece.

SORA Carsoli

The synthetic horse hair can be woven excellently with the high-quality Jacquard-Copper-Yarns in such a way that a design of textile fabric is created. The unique colors provide variety between the individual acrylic glasses.


Let your acrylic glass appear in white-golden shine. Each piece is unique, because the fabrics can never be placed exactly the same into the product.

SCALA Mezzo / Toccata / Tremolo

The polyester fabric embedded in acrylic glass lends the acrylic glass a special attention through the different colors. The different color depths and reflections create a three-dimensional effect.