For the unique production of the SEEN Elements we work with aluminum in two different versions, titanium and titanium nitride. The two versions with aluminum as well as the titanium coating are available either with a one-sided black, light-absorbing back or with metal coatings on both sides. Titanium nitride is only available in the version with black, light-absorbing back.


The aluminum coating is available in two different reflection levels. The standard coating SEEN shiny is highly reflective (89% visual reflection), SEEN matt is semi-reflective with a visual reflection of 75%. The front and back of the SEEN element with aluminum can either be coated the same way or produced with a black, light-absorbing back.


As light as aluminum, as stable as steel: the dark shiny light metal is particularly ductile thanks to its low density. At the same time, it is resistant to corrosion and temperature, which makes it an optimal metal for the production of SEEN Elements. SEEN Elements with titanium coating can also be either coated in the same way or produced with a black, light-absorbing back.

Titanium Nitride

The use of titanium nitride gives your project a high-quality finish. The typical golden-yellow color of the material provides a special intensity of the metallic coating. Due to its hardness and corrosion resistance, titanium nitride is also ideally suited for coloring design between glass. SEEN Elements with titanium nitride as metallic coating are available with a black, light-absorbing back.

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