Acrylic glass - Specials

Even with a material as fine as feathers, the three-dimensionality and fineness of the inlay remains visible. The multiple laminate with the surface of a block of ice currently rounds off this part of the range.


A 25mm acrylic glass panel, machined on one side in the shape of an ice block. Project-specific developed in cooperation with our partner for this product area.

RHO White

EA gentle breeze, held for all time in acrylic glass. Made visible by feathers that seem to float in space.

RHO 24K Gold / Gold-White

For that special something: An elegant play of colors in white and gold, three-dimensionally inlaid in clear acrylic glass.


Arisen from the tide painting of an ocean: The Voghera Blue is one of the strong colors for your unique acrylic glass. Further on you can choose between Green, Red, White and Yellow.