Thin Stone

Works of art from nature, treated and processed with respect: Stones are among the oldest building materials in history. Today, patented processes allow us to process natural stones in such a way that they can be used for the most diverse applications. Our thin stones are technically unique - we succeed in making the stone extremely narrow. This makes each stone veneer unique without losing its natural beauty.

Our assortment includes soft stones such as marble and onyx, but also significantly harder quartzites, granites and conglomerates. The choice of structure and color is therefore almost unlimited.

In combination with glass, light transmission is the main focus. Other carrier materials allow a reduction in weight and malleability without loss of the stone-typical surface. The maximum dimensions of the thin stone are currently 3060 x 1560 mm, the stone thicknesses range between 0.6 and 3.0 mm. Each result, which we achieve together with our customers and always with an eye on the respective project, is absolutely unique and cannot be compared with a print or any other artificial solution.

Thin stone and glass

Making stones glow - The combination of thin stone and glass creates impressive possibilities on facades and in interior design. A play with light so that the colors appear different during the day and at night. Especially in comparison to printing, the depth effect is preserved.

Thin stone in lightweight construction

Stones made light - for project-specific solutions, the focus here is on weight reduction and formability. So you can use bricks in lightweight construction.

Thin stone in free form

Bringing stones into shape - there are almost no limits to the variety of shapes. The narrow thin stone allows the malleability in three dimensions.