The SEEN Elements offer a new, very effective way to modify glass. The single or double-sided metallic coated elements are freely selectable in shape, size, color and their placement directly on the lamination foil or a transparent carrier foil. The play with light, colors and three-dimensionality creates that special something and offers a maximum of creative freedom with the combination of different metals, color changing or additionally printed elements within one glass.

Compared to black screen printing, the SEEN Elements offer an approx. 15-20% lower Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) with an identical design and can be processed with various lamination foils. In the design of facade glass, the combination of metallic outside- and black-, light-absorbing and at the same time 100% congruent inside offers many advantages.

SEEN Elements can be used as design elements or for bird protection on facades. Tests in the flight channel of the Biological Station Hohenau-Ringelsdorf in Austria already certify a highly effective protection against bird strike for very open grids with a coverage of less than one percent. Compared to other products, the use of SEEN elements allows for significantly more open grids and thus less irritation to the human eye. In addition, compared to screen printing or other solutions, no tempered glass and no processing of the external glass surface is necessary.

Basic Metals

For the metallic coating we work with aluminum, titanium and titanium nitride.

Colors and Color Change

By printing the classic aluminum coating, it is possible to display all colors according to Pantone® (except white). A speciality is also the color change within one printing.


The different metals and colors can be combined without any problems.

Other materials

In this category you will find our specials, where we use crystals and other exciting materials.

Bird protection

The SEEN Elements offer a new, effective way to combine glass and bird protection. Laminated between glass, the inlay consisting of individual elements offers a wide range of possible applications.

SEEN Elements shiny 9/90mm on a facade


SEEN AG has also been working on a translucent version of the SEEN elements that can be used on photovoltaic modules.

SEEN Elements on photovoltaic

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