Thin stone and glass

The combination of thin stone and glass creates impressive possibilities especially in architecture and interior design. Marble, quartz, granite, onyx and conglomerates become part of the newly created space. In combination with light, thin stone and glass take on an additional dimension. The light transmission can be increased up to 35% depending on the stone and stone thickness.

Cosmic Black

Cosmic Black is a quartzite from Brazil. Characteristic is the different light transmission between the light and dark areas in combination with the blood red speckles in the stone.

Nacarado Gold

Nacarado Gold, also known as Van Gogh, is an extremely hard quartz rock with a wide range of colors. The country of origin is Brazil.

Golden Macauba

Golden Macaubas is a fine-grained, golden brown quartzite. Country of origin is Brazil. Blocks are cut both with and against the bearing.

Statuario Venato

Statuario Venato is a fine-grained, almost white marble of the Jura with light to dark grey veins. The marble comes from the famous Carrara area in Italy.

Ice Flake

A quartzite in delicate shades of beige with subtle golden clouds and reddish shimmering, finely defined veins. Its airy appearance speaks for itself.


A granite from Brazil with a special texture and rich colors, created by oxidation over millions of years. The light transmission varies greatly between the dark and light areas of the stone.

Brown Antique

Brown Antique, also known as Angola Brown, is a huge, dark brown anorthosite. The stone shows many small structures, which are very beautiful with reduced lighting.

Taj Mahal

A quartzite from Brazil with a soft, white background and subtle veins ranging from beige to gold. The veins are more pronounced compared to the Ice Flake, the light transmission is slightly deeper.

White Torroncino

White Torroncino is a granite from Brazil with an eggshell colored base and accents in dark gray, brown and black. As a thin stone, the translucency of the different colors comes out very nicely.

Azul Macaubas

Azul Macaubas is a fine-grained Precambrian quartzite from Brazil, wavy blue colored by dumortierite. It offers a fantastic spectrum from light to dark blue in combination with unique color gradients.

Irish Green

Irish Green is a white-green Precambrian marble, named after the region where it was found in Ireland. The stone offers a strongly changing texture.


Estremoz is a pink to beige marble from Portugal, also known as Rosa Portogallo, a stone that offers a very wide range of colors, but which is homogeneous in the respective slab.

Desert Beige

Desert Beige is a coarse-grained, beige-colored limestone from the Near East with various very small structures.

Nero Marinace

Nero Marinace, also known as Amazon Black, is a dark grey conglomerate from Brazil. Nature created here a stone characterized by different materials with a color scale from white to gray and deepest black.

Onyx TR

Onyx TR is a translucent to opaque dense limestone or aragonite sinter. The typically cloudy appearance combines a color spectrum from gray to beige to brown.

Glen Green

Glen Green is a very dense mylonite of Scandinavian origin. So it belongs to the group of metamorphic rocks. Because of its density the light transmission is rather low compared to the other stones, even with a very thin stone thickness.


Giotto is a fantastic quartz from Brazil with a variety of fine structures that bring the stone to life. The translucency gives the material a special charm.

Other stones

Nature offers much more! Here we present you another small selection of stone veneers. Not only is the spectrum of color nuances, veins and structures within the stone veneers shown so far infinitely varied and each veneer unique. Nature also offers countless other stones in completely different materials. For technical reasons, we concentrate on marble, quartzite, granite and conglomerate, and also on onyx if desired.

Within these groups we can offer you basically about 1000 different stones. Some of them we have already processed once, others we are happy to include in our test program upon your request.
So if "your" stone is not shown, please contact us directly!