Acrylic glass with metallic inlays

Innumerable, wave-like wandering variations result from the fine metal lines, intensive depth effects are created by each individual element of this product range. The different metal fabrics used ensure that there is something for every taste. And if you still have any wishes, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Blue / Copper / Silver

Characteristic for our CENTO collection is a filigree structure and glistening shimmer. Delicate but effective swings in the fabric and the translucency of the material create an intensive effect of depth.


Copper / Gold / Gold-Brown / Silver

Metal flakes of the CHIAVARI collection float weightlessly around like small mountain massifs, rock formations and mica. Each contour line creates shimmering landscapes.


Copper / Gold / Red / Silver

A magical moment, captured in the dynamic and spirited rhythm of the OVADA collection. It is pervaded by graceful light reflections of the sweeping, metallic-coated fabric.


Salmone / Silver

Gently a noble shine glides over the snake-like, subtle pattern of the ASOLA collection. Refined movements and sensual shapes characterize the fine embossing of this graceful fabric inspired by nature.


Copper / Gold / Silver

Iridescent light flows through the intermeshing network structures of the MOLINELLA collection. Innumerable, wave-like wandering variations result from the fine metal lines. Light reflections hypnotize the eye of the beholder.


Copper / Red-Silver / Silver

The LUGO collection is created through variously knitted and woven metal fabrics. The slight folds in the fabric create spectacular, three-dimensional effects. Like silky mountains of fabric that seem to dance, lively movements and surfaces are created.