The SEEN Elements are elements coated with metal on one or both sides, which are normally placed on a foil between the glass of external facades. For some time now, however, SEEN AG has also been working on a translucent version of the elements that can be used on photovoltaic modules. In this way, the aesthetics of a façade as well as the energy income can be secured at the same time.

Application at the Office for Environment and Energy in Basel

During the construction of the new building for the Office for Environment and Energy in Basel, the focus was on the implementation of the ecological and sustainable project goals. The innovative and sustainable construction method is outstanding: The supporting structure of the new building is made of recycled concrete and wood, while the façade is clad with photovoltaic modules.
To adapt the sustainable façade to the cityscape of the surrounding area, the dark photovoltaic modules will be covered with SEEN Elements. For this, SEEN AG is working together with the responsible architectural office Jessen Vollenweider from Basel. The interaction of SEEN Elements with a special cover glass creates a three-dimensional, lively façade that plays with the changing light conditions. The loss of performance due to the minimally covered modules is reduced to a minimum. At the same time, the project in Basel is a starting signal for further stages of development, especially to further reduce the loss of performance.

SEEN Elements in combination with photovoltaic systems

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Do you have further questions about the use of SEEN Elements in combination with photovoltaic systems? Please contact us!