Acrylic glass

Extravagance in its purest form - with unusual inlays as well as a special manufacturing process, our acrylic glasses give you access to new worlds of design. The range currently includes fabrics, metal flakes, sequins, feathers and colors, but is constantly being adapted to the latest trends. Colors and shapes, shine and shimmer, light and shadow are harmonized in a unique way and create fascinating 3D effects.
The pictures show you only a part of the design possibilities with acrylic glass, which is also characterized by its strong malleability. We always have an open ear for special inlays and project-specific adjustments! Depending on the choice of material, we also offer a special light management system. According to your wishes for atmosphere and optics, each piece becomes a handmade unicum.

Acrylic glass and exclusive fabrics

A collection of exclusive fabrics made of metal, synthetic horsehair and polyester.

Acrylic glass - Specials

Inlays far beyond the usual imagination like feathers, white or gold plated, as well as project specific solutions are summarized here.

Acrylic glass with metallic inlays

Iridescent light flows through the intertwining, filigree fabric structures or deformed metal flakes.